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Ribble Cycles launches today their new range-topping Ultra TT and Tri models; Ribble's fastest ever bikes.

Andy Smallwood CEO of Ribble Cycles said, “The brief for the new Ribble Ultra TT was to develop a superfast and versatile platform to give TT and Tri riders a World Class product capable of excelling at the very highest level.”

That brief was well exceeded - after rigorous design, prototyping and aerodynamic analysis the final CFD and real-world testing indicated a drag saving of up to 30% for the bike and up to 2.2% for bike and rider over the initial prototypes across a YAW sweep of -15 to +15 degrees. This saving equates to a bike and rider gain of up to 1.4% vs the benchmark and bike that 7 times national champion Dan Bigham raced on in 2017. The real-world time gain vs the first prototypes equates to up to a 23 second saving based on the test rider racing a flat 25-mile (40.2km) time trial at 29mph (46.6kph). 

Taking a holistic approach to the R&D process, the bike and rider as a whole package was always taken into consideration with the test rider being digitally scanned to ensure consistency across CFD and real-world testing. This made sure that any gain made on the bike and frameset design translated into an actual real world gain when the riders interaction with the bike and airflow was taken into account.

The performance tuned, full carbon Ultra TT and TRI framesets have been aerodynamically optimised for real world racing conditions. The tube profile design for the frame and forks was developed around truncated aerofoils with front and rear brakes being integrated into the frame design. This maximises the airflow across the bike without compromising braking performance or accessibility for maintenance. The importance of the aerodynamic impact of the rider has also been taken into consideration; with a high level of contact point adjustability and compatibility with all aftermarket cockpit options to enable a rider to achieve their perfect fit and position. 

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The high grade, unidirectional carbon frame has also been optimised for maximal power transfer and an element of compliance where required. Rear facing drop outs allow the rear wheel to be positioned as close as possible to the specially shaped seat tube improving airflow and creating a shorter, stiffer rear triangle whilst also allowing adjustment for tyres up to 25mm width. 

Continuing the no compromise aerodynamic theme, the componentry and finishing kit for all build options has been carefully selected, utilising the aerodynamic positional analysis and race proven preferences of Ribble Pro Cycling team riders including Dan Bigham to give the Ultra TT and Tri rider a further performance advantage.

When it comes to feeding the Ultra Tri has it covered, accommodating three custom feed boxes (which come supplied as standard). All three composite boxes are easily detachable and the drinks straw on the fully integrated, washable drink box is hinged to offer different angles. 

Dan Bigham, 7 times British National Time Trial Champion says, “Making the jump from the established high-level TT bike I rode last season was always going to be daunting but Ribble have put the groundwork and R&D in to bring the team a bike that is able to take on the best. Our testing shows we are right on the money and will be able to continue to challenge for the win at both domestic and international time trial competitions.


The Ultra TT is available from £2,199 and Ultra TRI starting at £2,499with the following specs currently available:


Ultra TT

1.    Shimano 105, Vision 35, Zipp/USE Finishing Kit - £2,199

2.    Ultegra Di2, Vision 35, Zipp/USE Finishing Kit - £3,499

3.    Dura-Ace, Zipp Sub 9 Disc and 454 front, USE Finishing Kit - £8,999

4.    Frame only - £1,499


Ultra TRI

1.    Shimano 105, Vision 35, Carbon/USE Finishing Kit - £2,499

2.    Ultegra Di2, Vision 35, Carbon/USE Finishing Kit - £3,799

3.    Dura-Ace Di2, Zipp 808 rear and front, Carbon/USE Finishing Kit - £6,999

4.    Frame only - £1,999


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