For Round 2 in the KISS Super League on Zwift Team Ribble headed to Innsbruck for four laps of the Innsbruckring route. Zwift, a virtual platform allowing competitors across the world to compete from their own home trainer, has revolutionised esports through their new KISS Super League. In the league, elite riders, including Team Ribble compete on a series of virtual circuits that provide a challenge to every rider.

Through clever use of PowerUps, timing and sheer brute strength Ed Hopper took the victory following a stunning 10km breakaway attempt. Dan Bigham placed second in the sprint classification with the team third in the team competition for an excellent night for the team. We caught up with Ed to get his thoughts on the race:

So Ed, talk us through what triggered the attack?

Ed: To be honest, it was just one of those things! The pace seemed to ease slightly for a second and I thought well it’s been hard but I’m still feeling good! Maybe if I go now I’ll get a gap.

And you never worried about holding it to the line?

Ed: Haha I don’t think I was thinking anything really, it was just hurting too much! I knew however that I could do the power and I had a few handy PowerUps still stored so I knew I’d be able to use them to get the most out of my effort.

You mention the PowerUps, what are these?

Ed: Well there are a couple of different ones, but what was key on this flat circuit was the Aero Boost. Basically it’s like the difference of swapping onto a TT bike for a few seconds! It’s great to see your speed instantly go up, but at the end of the day you have to keep pedalling.

Any other little tricks out there?

Ed: I think the biggest trick was probably doing it in my friend’s garage. Cold and a bit of a draft, it sounds terrible but it’s actually the perfect setup to make sure you’re not overheating and can give your max. Having him there as well to cheer me along too was a great help. I also train a lot on Zwift over the winter as I like how you can structure your efforts but not get bored.

And looking to the future, any more wins out there?

Ed: Well I think I need to recover from this first! But I wouldn’t rule it out on a flat circuit. We’ve a few interesting team tactics as well potentially to keep the other teams on their toes.


Thanks Ed and make sure you tune in next Wednesday evening on Zwift’s YouTube and Facebook feeds to see how Team Ribble gets on in the next round!